Design compiler重要命令讲解

The analyze command performs the following tasks:

• Reads an HDL source file

• Checks for errors without building generic logic for the design

• Creates HDL library objects in an HDL-independent intermediate format

• Stores the intermediate files in a location you define

The elaborate command performs the following tasks:

• Translates the design into a technology-independent design (GTECH) from the
intermediate files produced during analysis

• Allows changing of parameter values defined in the source code

• Allows VHDL architecture selection

• Replaces the HDL arithmetic operators in the code with DesignWare components

• Automatically executes the link command, which resolves design references

How the Tool Resolves References
The Design Compiler tool resolves references by carrying out the following steps:
  1. It determines which library components and subdesigns are referenced in the current
    design and its hierarchy.
  2. It searches the link libraries to locate these references.
    a. Design Compiler first searches the libraries and design files defined in the current
    design’s local_link_library attribute.
    b. If an asterisk is specified in the value of the link_library variable, Design Compiler
    searches in memory for the reference.
    c. Design Compiler then searches the libraries and design files defined in the
    link_library variable.
  3. If it does not find the reference in the link libraries, it searches in the directories specified
    by the search_path variable.
    For more information, see Locating Designs by Using a Search Path.
  4. It links (connects) the located references to the design.
Locating Designs by Using a Search Path

You can specify the design file location by using the complete path or only the file name. If
you specify only the file name, the Design Compiler tool uses the search path defined in the
search_path variable. The tool looks for the design files starting with the leftmost directory
specified in the search_path variable and uses the first design file it finds. By default, the
search path includes the current working directory and $SYNOPSYS/libraries/syn, where
$SYNOPSYS is the path to the installation directory. To see where Design Compiler finds a
file when using the search path, use the which command.